Document Review Services

Guidance and Support!
As an immigration service provider, we understand your need for guidance and support in paper works, which are a crucial part of your immigration journey. To make your experience easy, we at GHV, help in reviewing your documents before submitting them to the IRCC. This is more of a final verification to ensure that nothing is missing and every detail is accurate. Our experienced team of consultants will guide you in filling in the gaps and corrections wherever required, to improve your application.

Inclusions: We will check the document for its content, format, validity and compliance as per CICC or provincial requirements. Please note, the charges are for each document and not each page. For eg: A work experience document for 1 work period will count as 1 document.

Timeline: Response shall be provided upon review within 5 business days.

Correspondence: The feedback shall be provided over email.

Charges: CAD$ 250.00 

Additional Info: Per Document

No. of Applicant : Each Document

“This option is most suitable for clients who want to complete all their paperwork by themselves and make sure that their application package is complete and free of any errors that could cause the application to fail. We will go through your application, review all your supporting documents to make sure that your application is ready to be submitted.

Please note: If you choose this option, we will not submit the application on your behalf and act as your representative.